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DEVELOP YOUR GAME, not just your skills

There is but one goal, BE MORE PRODUCTIVE AND EFFICIENT ON THE COURT. This is what we aim for with all of our players.  We do this through our proprietary PTC Training Method. This same system works perfectly for players who are not (yet) playing professionally and also works for those who are. 


This is the real deal and we're excited to share it with you.  Read some of our player's stories.

Kevin Martin, Retired NBA Veteran

"I started working with Coach Thorpe as a 19 year old kid about to start my second year of college. He was the only voice in my head for the next 14 seasons, when I retired after the birth of our daughter. And he and his wife were the first people to hold little Anna after my parents, grandparents, and my wife Jill's parents. He's been my second dad forever and always will be. He didn't just teach me skills, he taught me how to play the game and use those skills correctly. He did far more than that. He taught me how to be a pro, in every sense. It's simple, really; without his guidance and teaching, I'd have been a good college player with possibly a chance to play in a decent league in Europe. Instead I averaged over 20ppg in the NBA in six different seasons for three different teams. That's not an accident. That's what Coach and I did together. I only wish I'd have come under his tutelage when I was younger."

Corey Brewer, NBA Champion

"I tore my ACL at the start of my second season in the NBA and the following year I struggled to recover my game. My dear friend and college teammate Joakim Noah told me to go see Coach Thorpe. So I did. That was in 2009. From that first week I knew he was my guy. His style of teaching sneaks little things into my game. He breaks stuff down perfectly so I can quickly add new moves or finishes in games. He knows how to inspire players like no one else I know. Eleven years later, he's still my guy. He's the first man I called when I learned my dad fell into a coma, and again weeks later when he passed. I can't urge young players enough to find someone who can teach them the game and learn from then every second you can. I've played for some of the greatest coaches in history. He's high on that list."


Jrue Holiday

Jrue was the Gatorade National Player of the Year before he played a season at UCLA. He tested for the NBA draft and trained with us to prepare for it. Despite averaging just 8 points per game as a freshman he was drafted in the first round by the Philadelphia 76ers. He went on to become an NBA -All-Star and is the captain for the New Orleans Pelicans.

James Lee


Martell Webster

Martell was an NBA lottery pick and incredible prep player.  Later in his career he hit a rough patch so he worked with us on building his entire game.  He found confidence in his abilities once again. Soon after he signed a one year ‘minimum” deal with the Wizards and turned that into a good long term deal as well. He credited this success to spending time with us. We were the better for it. 

William White


Udonis Haslem

“UD” is the first ever student from the PTC to make the NBA. After training all summer in 2003 here in Clearwater he signed a deal with the Miami Heat. He is now a legendary figure there after winning three championships and being a strong spokesperson for the franchise and the city. Haslem had to develop a perimeter shot and learn to rebound to make the NBA. He did exactly that.

Jason White


Gal Mekel

From a middling career in Israel to the NBA, Mekel is the only undrafted free agent ever to sign a multi-year guaranteed contract with an NBA team. A PTC client since 2012, he is now considered one of the top point guards in Europe. He’s also the captain of the Israeli National Team. Listen to this interview, this is what we do. Our job is to both inspire our players, to “DREAM BIG” as Gal says and get them way better.

John Brown



This is not your regular online training program.

Train For In Game Results

Step 1

I'm going to share the most important things I know about the game of basketball with you.  These are the things that make my training different.  We don't just do drills.  We teach the game.

Defy The Odds

Step 1

You probably have dreams of playing in college.  People probably laugh at that idea, but guess what, players defy the odds all the time...and so will you if you follow this method.

Build Your Confidence

Step 1

I've had NBA players tell me that they hear my voice in their head during games and that it helps them.  I hope to be that support for you as well.


This is not your regular training program...

This is a personalized experience where you will be able to get on live calls with Coach Thorpe so you can ask questions and learn new ways to improve.  You also get access to a slack channel where you can chat with PTC coaches directly.  Finally, you get the PTC Training Method workouts.  You will receive a new workout directly into your inbox 5 days a week that you will follow to level up your game.  This is better than anything out there because it provides accountability, feedback, and support in helping you get there.

Daily Workouts Along With Video Demos

Step 1

This is not some difficult to follow process.  Actually, it's the complete opposite.  We will be sending you our proprietary PTC Method workouts directly to your email inbox 5 days a week.

Each workout is very detailed and comes with rep numbers and video demonstrations on how to do the drill.  You will be expected to complete these workouts as part of your training.

Exclusive Bi-Weekly Live Masterclasses + Q&A

Step 1

There is so much more I have to teach you than just drills.  If basketball IQ is so important why does every other training program out there not include it? I don't know, but we do--because we have to.

Jump on a live call with Coach Thorpe twice a month to check-in on your training, ask any questions you want, and receive an amazing masterclass from the master himself.

This alone makes this deal a steal!

Private Live Chat With Coach Thorpe In Slack

Step 1

Need a little more help?  No problem!  When we say that our goal is to get our players into college we mean it.

Here is an extra level of support that no one else out there provides.  We staff this chat with our coaches to help answer more specific questions and help in any other way we can.

Maybe you have a question about your shooting form.  Maybe you want to ask a question about getting recruited.  We're here to help. 


14 Day Money Back guarantee

Click the button below, complete the checkout process, and you'll be all signed up.  We'll send you your first workout immediately.

BONUS: The PTC Method Explained

Focus on these 6 things and these 6 things only if you want to find success in basketball.  This framework is the secret you've been searching for.


Do I Need A Partner?

No, you can complete these workouts on your own  Some of our players complete these workouts by themselves in their driveways.

Do I Need Any Equipment?

Just a basketball and a hoop.  We don't believe in wasting time with any crazy gadgets or gimmicks.  This is player development not a circus.

How Many Workouts Are Included?

We don't just dump a bunch of random PDF's on you.  You will receive an email each day with a new workout to complete.  

What Age Is This For?

The PTC Method is a suitable for all ages 12 and up.  If you're a beginner and under the age of 12 you will need to adapt the workouts to fit your needs.

What If I Have Questions?

No problem.  You can reach out directly to us at coachdavidthorpe@gmail.com.  You also can ask questions at our bi-weekly live masterclasses.

Are The Testimonials Real?

Absolutely.  I can’t promise you’ll make it to the NBA by using this method. No one can promise you that, but if you put in the work hard you will improve and that’s certain.

Is This Only For Players?

No, it is also for parents, trainers, and coaches.  If you want to learn how we get players better here at PTC you will learn that with this program.  Coach Thorpe is a basketball lifer and willing to share everything he knows.

What Happens If I Don't Like It?

Just shoot an email to coachthorpe@gmail.com and let us know the name and email you used to order and we’ll cancel your subscription.  We also offer a 14 day money back guarantee so you can sign up risk free.

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