The Pro Training Center and its founder, David Thorpe, have been helping professional basketball players since 1999.  Thorpe is considered the “Godfather” of player development in America.  He’s the first person to run a business helping players improve and his training dates all the way back to 1993. His client List includes hundreds of players who have appeared in every major professional basketball league in the world. His first client was Udonis Haslem.  Then an undrafted rookie trying to make the Miami Heat after playing a season in France, came to Coach Thorpe seeking help. He went on to play 16 seasons there and has enjoyed an amazing career where he overachieved more than any other undrafted player has.

PTC and Coach Thorpe also helped Luol Deng in a contract year where he excelled greatly.  He then earned the largest Bulls contract in franchise history (at the time). Kevin Martin was a PTC client for his entire 12-year career and he retired as the second highest earning player drafted in the 26th slot in the NBA history behind Vlade Divac. The same can be said for another long-time client Courtney Lee in the 22nd draft slot. Those are just a few of our success stories as our goal is to continue to help players reach their goals.



 "I first met Coach Thorpe as a 19 year old college player at a small D-1 college, and I could shoot the ball. And score. Simply put, he changed my life, more as a man than as a player. I used to call him my "Florida dad" because that's how my own dad in Ohio saw him. He was a mentor, not just a coach, and now he is one of my most trusted friends.  What he taught me on the court over 15 years, yes, from that first summer in 2002 to the day I retired from the NBA after 12 seasons in 2016, he was my guy, helped me grow my game nonstop. I was always in learning mode. I loved getting his texts 4 times a week to teach and inspire me, I missed them so much when I was injured and couldn't play or practice. But what he taught me off the court is what means the most to me. My wife and I asked him to speak at our rehearsal dinner, so our families could experience what I got to for so long. I'd like to tell everyone reading this on the PTC website what I tell every young player in person that I meet when I see them training with him. Just do what this man says, trust his guidance fully. In basketball, you will find your best game. And you will be the player and the person your parents hope you to be. We all need help in that regard.

NBA Veteran


It's pretty simple for me. I was a McDonald's All-American, a two-time National Champion in college, and a lottery pick in the NBA. But then I suffered a serious knee injury and lost all my confidence as a player. From there my friend and teammate Joakim Noah told me about Coach Thorpe, I flew down to Florida, and the rest is history. That was over a decade ago, yet I'm still in this league and he's still the man who texts me what I should be doing every day. I've played for many amazing coaches, and some bad ones too--Coach Thorpe is my rock, my most trusted friend when it comes to my playing career.  He tells me the truth, and I say "yes sir."

NBA Veteran


"From learning every small part of the game I could ever imagine, plus a lot more, to having a plan daily that helped me organize my entire workout routine, Coach Thorpe changed my basketball life forever. But he was more than a coach to me, something I realized when I graduated from Harvard, having completed my basketball career. When I moved to LA to pursue my career as a writer, I recognized how much I missed his presence in my life as a mentor. So I called him, and I am so glad I did. We are still in touch and he's still advising me, not on my game but on life. I have amazing parents, still, having someone who I can turn to for guidance beyond them is special. When he told me he was going to do this online training I immediately said "wow that is such an amazing idea, so many people can benefit from your teaching now." 

Harvard Class of 2018


"Watching a basketball game with David Thorpe at any level is like riding shotgun with a surgeon in the operating room. He is one of the rare people who works in the sport who can combine a deep and versed knowledge of the science of it all while at the same time provide cutting big-picture perspective. It is in those tucked gray areas where he shines, not just in improving his students' performance but in letting his readers and listeners in on many of the secrets of why it all matters."



Coach Pete was a freshman player at the school coach Thorpe volunteered at in the early 2000s. He became a three-year Varsity starter and was Captain his final two seasons, while scoring over 1,000 points in his prep career. Pete then went on to play in college and was a four-year starter at Florida College and a three-year Captain. He led the team to a national title game and was a three-time All-American there. Multiple surgeries ended his pro career early so he got into high school coaching and achieved immediate success.  He won three different county and district titles in his first five seasons and served as Head Coach for a hybrid high school/post grad team in Florida that finished 22-7. The team was so successful it placed all five post grad players into scholarship positions in college and one senior accepted a walk-on invitation to a top five team in America last year. The other four seniors are returning to play this season, with two players already being recruited heavily by Division 1 programs. Pete has also been assisting Coach Thorpe with their professional players for the past three years.  PTC is lucky to have Pete and we’re excited to have him as a critical piece in what we do here.


This is not your regular online training program.  This is a personalized experience where you will be able to get on live calls with Coach Thorpe so you can ask questions and learn new ways to improve.  You also get access to a slack channel where you can chat with PTC coaches directly.  Finally, you get the complete PTC Training Method that Coach Thorpe has pioneered.  5 days a week you will receive a new workout directly into your inbox that you will follow to level up your game.

 Coach Thorpe is known as the “Godfather” of player development for a reason. Join the legion of PTC players who get way better using this program.

Train For In Game Results

I'm going to share the most important things I know about the game of basketball with you.  These are the things that make my training different.  We don't just do drills.  We teach the game.

Defy The Odds

You probably have dreams of playing in college.  People probably laugh at that idea, but guess what, players defy the odds all the time...and so will you if you follow this method.

Build Your Confidence

I've had NBA players tell me that they hear my voice in their head during games and that it helps them.  I hope to be that support for you as well.


This is not your regular training program...

This is a personalized experience where you will be able to get on live calls with Coach Thorpe so you can ask questions and learn new ways to improve.  You also get access to a slack channel where you can chat with PTC coaches directly.  Finally, you get the PTC Training Method workouts.  You will receive a new workout directly into your inbox 5 days a week that you will follow to level up your game.  This is better than anything out there because it provides accountability, feedback, and support in helping you get there.

Daily Workouts Along With Video Demos

This is not some difficult to follow process.  Actually, it's the complete opposite.  We will be sending you our proprietary PTC Method workouts directly to your email inbox 5 days a week.

Each workout is very detailed and comes with rep numbers and video demonstrations on how to do the drill.  You will be expected to complete these workouts as part of your training.

Exclusive Bi-Weekly Live Masterclasses + Q&A

There is so much more I have to teach you than just drills.  If basketball IQ is so important why does every other training program out there not include it?

Jump on a live call with Coach Thorpe twice a month to check-in on your training, ask any questions you want, and receive an amazing masterclass from the master himself.

This alone makes this deal a steal!

Private Live Chat With Coach Thorpe In Slack

Need a little more help?  No problem!  When we say that our goal is to get our players into college we mean it.

Here is an extra level of support that no one else out there provides.  We staff this chat with out coaches to help answer more specific questions and help in any other way we can.

Maybe you have a question about your shooting form.  Maybe you want to ask a question about getting recruited.  We're here to help. 


14 Day Money Back guarantee

Click the button below, complete the checkout process, and you'll be all signed up.  We'll send you your first workout immediately.

BONUS: The PTC Method Explained

Focus on these 6 things and these 6 things only if you want to find success in basketball.  This framework is the secret you've been searching for.


Do I Need A Partner?

No, you can complete these workouts on your own  Some of our players complete these workouts by themselves in their driveways.

Do I Need Any Equipment?

Just a basketball and a hoop.  We don't believe in wasting time with any crazy gadgets or gimmicks.  This is player development not a circus.

How Many Workouts Are Included?

We don't just dump a bunch of random PDF's on you.  You will receive an email each day with a new workout to complete.  

What Age Is This For?

The PTC Method is a suitable for all ages 12 and up.  If you're a beginner and under the age of 12 you will need to adapt the workouts to fit your needs.

What if I Have Questions?

No problem.  You can reach out directly to us at  You also can ask questions at our bi-weekly live masterclasses.

Are The Testimonials Real?

Absolutely.  I can’t promise you’ll make it to the NBA by using this method. No one can promise you that, but if you put in the work  hard you will improve and that’s certain.

What if I need to cancel my subscription?

Just shoot an email to and let us know the name and email you used to order and we’ll cancel your subscription.

What Happens If I Don't Like It?

We offer a 14 day money back guarantee.  That means that if you're not satisfied with what you get or the results you're seeing you can get your money back, no problem.

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